General Manager's Speech

Double Silk
                                                    ——The intersection of sensibility and reason

       Beisirou is a brand of Xiamen Fulihang Daily Necessities Co., Ltd. with a history of 8 years. She is synonymous with warmth, thoughtfulness and care. In the past 8 years, the market has witnessed the growth of the times, from obscurity to having its own unique young people. This growth is worth cherishing and caring for every family in the family. Because she is condensed with A persistent dream for interpreting quality and advocating health concepts. Fortunately, from the simple "manufacturing" to gradually becoming a company with a certain brand appeal, Fu Lixing is also completing her role transformation. A mature maternal and child brand enterprise integrating design, development, manufacturing and marketing is being carefully hatched...
       Of course, this mature process is not achieved overnight. In the past few years, Beisi has a rational, healthy and caring corporate culture. At the same time, she knows that she is engaged in a highly responsible industry. The love and imagination design to publicize her inner brand culture and render her brand personality. Only in this way, can she let the mother of the world feel the warmth, care and care of the silk, so that the mother of the world can Showing a sense of belonging that is loyal and enjoyable.