Service Support

1. The support services of the company include professional operation system, store information and after-sales service.
2. Times Silk has an extensive sales network in China;
3. Covering most of China's regions through maternal and child chain stores, maternal and child living halls and supermarkets.
4. The swimming pool/month club with the cooperation of Beisi has also reached nearly dozens;
5. Pregnant mother and baby can experience the meticulous care brought by the silky soft products in the month club.
6. Let the customer feel the warmth and care of the silky softness.
7. Logistics distribution support, product promotion support, and end customer promotion policies;
8. National brand image media advertising support, overall brand marketing promotion; store promotional materials, sales rhetoric specifications; customized according to customer requirements for local market demand promotion programs.
9. The headquarters continuously pays attention to the operation of the franchisees and solves the problems encountered in the operation in a timely manner.
10. Strict regional protection to ensure regional market interest monopoly.