Joining The Silk

Join advantage
A. Quality assurance and authenticity guarantee;
B. Professional team, perfect after-sales service;
C. Uniform retail price, unified rebate, fair competition;
D. Three major categories of independent products fully occupy market share;
E. Regional agent uniqueness, one area and one agent.
Join conditions
A. Has more than one year of experience in opening a store, will promote, have a good Taobao, Tmall business philosophy and store management capabilities;
B. Have confidence in the brand management, have enthusiasm, recognize the business philosophy of the company and obey the company's unified arrangement; have good social relations and credit.
C. Can actively cooperate with the promotion of various promotional activities, abide by the unified price system of products, and prohibit partners from carrying out vicious price competition.
D. Affiliate development model: single store licensing, regional development
E. Store location requirements: commercial center, maternal and child hospital, high-end community, month club, etc.
Affiliate policy
A. Sales rebate: annual delivery of the amount of credit rebate 2%-10%
B. Market activities: the company promotes the promotion and develops exclusive activities throughout the year.
C. Training support: support throughout the year, regular according to customer needs
D. Agent zero initial fee, zero inventory pressure;
Join Hotline
A. National Maternal and Child Channel Investment Hotline: 18950123480 / 0592-7260568
B. National e-commerce channel investment hotline: 18950123480 / 0592-7260698
C. Foreign trade channel investment hotline: 0592-7260698
Working hours: Monday to Saturday from 09:00 to 17:30;